Ethiopian Evangelical churches’ Beliefs

Evangelical churches in Ethiopia believe that one should be saved by believing in Jesus as Lord and Saviour for the forgiveness of sins. They believe in trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the one essence of the Trinity (Matthew 28:19-20, also Psalms 2:7, Mark 9:7, Luke 22:29, Luke 3:22). Ethiopian evangelical churches believe that one should be born again to get saved. As it is written many times in the Gospel of John, and demonstrated by one's baptism in the Holy Spirit as well as water baptism, speaking in tongues is one of the signs, but not the only sign, of "receiving Christ", which should include a new lifestyle and social behavior.

Though almost all Evangelical branches in Ethiopia have one or two theological differences or different methods in the interpretation of the Bible, all of the four major branches follow the beliefs common to born-again Christians of the world. The four major denominations also exchange pastors and allow the preachers to serve in different churches when invited. All of the four main churches and others also share and listen to various gospel singers, producers and choirs.

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