Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Charlotte: Holistic Ministry

Purpose of this ministry:

To minister to peoples' everyday need, in all dimensions seek wholeness at every social level, in every area of life it can be individuals, family, communities and nation. To make a difference in the their life’s, both here and now.

Employment Assisting

To provide information, tips examples and advice on job application, resume writing, Interview techniques and job search steps for anyone looking for a job, including graduates of students from abroad.

Objective; shorten their job search and give confidence, guidance, and knowledge in finding employment working for them. And provide gainful employment through professional assistance, practical vocational training and guidance for those graduated from collages abroad.


Computer training

Provide computer training at various levels. These include computer basic (hardware, software) standard applications (word, excel, access), using internet.

Objective; Assist our community to become technology friendly and competent on their job search. Help parents to assist their children to do their assignments and monitor their internet usage. Help members to start carrier in the information technology filed.


Newcomer’s orientation

The purpose of this program is to help church members who are new to the country with basic information on American way of living. Such program will assist member get acquainted with the system easily and shorten the learning curve.

Objective; The goal here is to assist such as Reading train/bus maps, Applying for legal resident permits, Applying for a job, Applying for school, opening bank accounts and manage money, Etc

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