Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Charlotte: Worship Leader Ministry

There are worship leaders and music ministers. There is a difference but both apply to leading others closer to God

As a member of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Charlotte, many never realize all the work that is put into creating a service and executing it. For ‘worship leaders’, the songs they sing, how they sing them, what instruments to use, which verses to sing, the theological reasoning behind it, when to transition, when to pray, how to do communion/offering, and so much more has to come into play when planning a worship service. I know that it is done a lot around this world, but I think that it is too much for a minister to lead the singing and preach. There is so much preparation. Plus I firmly believe in the congregation taking part in the worship so that they will take ownership also. Good thoughts though. This stuff makes me appreciate everyone so much more!

“Worship leader” is a vague term that could encompass many different responsibilities. We belief briefly, you should see everything you do as a means of magnifying God’s glory in Christ in people’s eyes. The songs are just one part of it.Hope that’s helpful. If you want to join our worship team contacts us by using this form:

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